Airplay go's to max. sound


I’m testing DJ-Pro on my Mac before buying it.

It looks like a great program only i have one problem. When i use my iTunes playlist and i change my output to airplay, my airplay speaker (Bose) go’s to max sound :-/

Is there a way that, when i change my output, the sound level stay the same instead of going to maximum? Now i have to quickly have to lower down the level not to damage my speakers.

If this works i properly will buy this program because this is the only problem i have for the moment.

regards & thanks

First off, this is the Master Volume in djay Pro:

However, we couldn’t reproduce your problem, yet. Which Bose Speakers do you use? Does this also happen when connecting via Bluetooth?

Is there a ‘master’ volume that in D-Jay Pro to handle?
Maybe thats the problem?