Airplay Video and Sound simultaneously via Ipad and Beatpad 2

Hey, I am using DJ Pro on Ipad Air 2 with the new Reloop Beatpad 2
The Beatpad 2 is connected via XLR to a active PA System.
How is it possible to see video with the DJ Pro and mixing the sound with Beatpad simultaneously ? I have connected the Ipad via Airplay to my Appel TV.
But it is only possible to look the video without sound, or to hear the sound without video.
Is there a solution ???

Can video out be used from the iPad Air 2 and Lightning-VGA adapter to a projector? I’m looking into buying the Beatpad 2 and was wondering if that’s a possibility. Would be awesome since I’m a mobile DJ and would like to project video behind my booth.

Hi Andre,

please note that the iPad is not able to split up the Video and Audio signal. So if you connected a TV via Airplay, the sound and the video output will be go through the TV.
I hope this helps to explain things.

Lukas E.

You can do so by sending out the signal via AppleTV.

Lukas E.