Album Covers still not showing on Djay2 (iPad)

I reported this problem when Djay2 first came out and have been waiting for an update to fix it. There was an update today but nothing to fix this annoying problem. Even though Djay2 is awesome this one problem make your product seem second rate to other products out there especially Traktor Dj. I own a Mixdeck Quad and a IDJ Pro that I bought just cause I like your program so much but I don’t understand why would release Djay2 before properly testing it out first. Please fix this problem right away, it makes it very difficult to select my songs when I can’t tell what albums I’m looking at. This is what I see every time I use Djay2 on my Ipad2

Hi Luis,

Our developers are still looking into this problem. Rest assured that we will address this issue.


Thanks for looking into this. I really Love the Djay programs and because of your product I got back into being a Dj. Here is a picture of my set-up with Djay 2 on my Idj Pro. I only wish you had a windows version so I could use on my laptop and Mixdeck Quad and get rid of Virtual Dj which doesn’t come close to what I can do on Djay.

Is it still shown in the iTunes “Music” app, Keith?

Still having this problem. Album artwork was there yesterday and gone today!

Yes, it is, Adrian. so sorry for the delayed response.