Algoriddim should add a waveform viewer to djay.

I absolutely love djay, but one feature I miss from using Numark Cue is the waveform viewer at the top of the window.

This made it really easy to sync tracks together and see which parts of a track are coming up. It also let you click on any part of the waveform and skip to that specific part of the track.

It would be awesome if Algoriddim added this feature to the next version of djay, then I can stop using Numark Cue altogether!

+1 for overlapping wave forms

This is available in djay 4:

Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have plans for overlapping waveforms, but please feel free to submit a request for that as a separate topic.


With all do respect this feature is not yet available as it shows the waveform for two decks in parallel with a superimposed beat grid. This is use for visual cue of sync.


Well, are you guys leaving this one alone or are you changing it to not completed. This is a feature that has been asked forin al 3 versions of djay and it is not complete. A response would be the respectful thing to do.

i said the samething!!!