Algoriddim sucks

Algoriddim will not communicate ! Seriously, I’m getting feed up with the lack of support here. I have reported my problem over a month ago an have had NO/ZERO/JACKSHIT reply’ from algoriddim, other than to say a lame response like " um have you downloaded the latest version of IOS !" What the bloody hell do you think. Other than the standard IT response of “try turning it on an off” this is the lamest piece of crap advice anyone representing a company with any kind of technical knowledge could give. I have sent an email via the website where it says " contact us" an no contact has been made. Frustrating is a MAJOR understatement. You suck. I’m going to know start spreading the word that your product sucks. All you had to do was simply acknowledge an communities cate of which after a month you have done neither. This forum is a waste of time and so is your customer service.