Algoriddim,when can we expect a new controller specially built for djay Pro? Need one like the Reloop Terminal mix 8...

I am working w NUMARK Mixtrack Pro II. Not all functions work w DJay Pro it seems. For example - to re-set the “que” point to the beginning of a song supposed to be able to hold down “Shift” and cue…nothing happens!

Also if I use DJay Pro to search iTunes (within DJay Pro), the program either stops the current track playing or has a freeze? If I search in a separate window my open iTunes Library and drag the song to the DJay pro window - it works??

I guess that probably depends on how the relationship with Numark stands. I wonder how well the idj Pro sold? I still use one and love it, but would buy a four-channel machine straight away.

What about Djay Pro for iPad?

I currently use djay2 and an idj Pro, but I’m looking for four channels to play with, so I was hoping that you might be thinking of sorting us iPad-users out. Presumably, if you did, it would be compatible with the Reloop Beatpad?

I don’t use CDs at all, but I hear you…laptop (with Pro) and Beatpad then.

Oh, of course…now I feel stupid lol! I had the Numark Mixdeck Quad in my head.

Beatpad has no deticated c/d deck buttons.
And in another thread, they said its not going to happen.
I think we have to upgrade to pro, for that.

CD’s?? i mean 4 decks… Deck A/B/C/D. What are CD’s :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for this feedback!

I hope you can get along with our natively supported controllers, for now.
Have a look at:

@Hitchcock: For iOS, we offer a similar software to djay Pro: djay 2 → Check it out at the App Store!

@Paul: Please contact our support team so we can troubleshoot this issue ->