Alpha Theta (Pioneer DJ) acquires Serato

A better time than any for algoriddim to step up it’s marketing game and try to go head to head against Serato.


I hope this is a wake up call for InMusic; maybe the serious competition will get their butts in gear to fully develop Engine DJ. But, if they do block Alpha Theta’s purchase of Serato, I’m afraid we’ll be back in the same old situation, with all the DJ software companies dragging their feet on features for years & decades .


Agreed! inMusic really has everything they need (they own Mixmeister and Deckadance software IP) to make Engine DJ a solid piece of software outside the standalone ecosystem. Basically the same thing Pioneer did with Rekordbox.


Looks like Atc is seeking to become a bigger hegemon.

Algoriddim should be thinking of making a new home for Serato refugees :rofl:

So many DJ’s abandoned Traktor for the reasons you mentioned. There are still specific segments that have used it historically and continue to use it, so I continue to teach it; and in all fairness, N.I. and Traktor have everything they need to comeback strong if they put the resources into it.

Not saying people will flock back to them, as too many have already switched to Rekordbox etc., but they could rebuild a user base IF they offer something innovative and continue to build on it.

In reply to some comments on here, I don’t know much about the business side of things, but I don’t think it’s in Algoriddim’s best interest to be bought out by another company; they are unique (well, maybe a sibling to VDJ), and I would love to see them attract an investor; someone who will give them the cash they need to get to the next level, while providing free reign to continue innovating. Just don’t turn into Spotify and spend, spend, spend, but never turn a profit, lol!

I am honestly surprised Apple doesn’t have an interest in this side of the music industry, but I guess it’s too niche for them? Still, they pour money into Logic Pro, so…not sure it would be a good thing as they might just fold it into a new concept/name that is Mac only, although they do continue to support iTunes for PC, but that seems to be more the exception than the rule.

Btw, who wrote the manual for Djay Pro? It’s friggin’ brilliant. Should win some kind of industry award for ‘Best Manual for a DJ software’ :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Btw, @Slak_Jaw, you’re ruminations have been heard over on the InMusic forum :wink:

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