An idea for effect controls on Djay Pro for iPad

Djay Pro for iPad - Effect controls
Using touch screen, the control knobs parameter and dry/wet for effects (echo, gate… ect) are a little bit complicated to use. The slider like in Djay2 might work better.

Hi Mnillo, I also had this wish before but when DJ Ivan pointed this out to me: “in the FX tab, push PAD, for a effect swipe screen”, I changed my mind and am happy with the way it is designed. Of course it takes a while to get used to adjusting the knobs. What are your thoughts? Cheers!

Hi DJ Boom Boom
you are right about using PAD effets, it’s wonderful.
I knew alredy this function.
I like to apply for example echo effect and fade it away using dry/wet control.
With slider command it is easier than with knob command.
I know it is a banality :slight_smile: