Another freeze last night...

I have had a few freezes on Djay Pro. It happens when I am searching for a track. I get a spinning beach ball.

It mainly happens when I am in search mode and change playlists while a search is being conducted.

Also, search is VERY VERY slow. Almost 15-20 seconds to find a track.

Computer Specs:
iMac, late 2012.
2.7 GHz, I5
8 Gigs of ram

I always have a backup system ready but this is getting a bit concerning since it seems to have every time I use the program.

Thanks for your help.


No clue what “analyze in iTunes” means.

Paul - you originally said this “One thing I did was let DJPro “Analyze” (I think) my 46,000 songs in iTunes…”

Then you said this " OK - In DJ-Pro under Library menu is an “Analyze”

First you say in iTunes, then you say to analyze in Djay Pro.

Everyone knows to analyze tracks within Djay Pro. That does not help the issue. All of my tracks are analyzed.

I just need search to be faster and no freezes during search.

Nearly everything else is great!

PLEASE make this a priority! At this point, I am getting a freeze every time I use the software and now and must rely on my backup.

I am near the point where the software can not be trusted because of this freeze and video being unusable because of the instability.

We need a fix VERY soon for this.

More info… MUCH worse when the controller is attached.

Denon, 6000mkII

I just can’t have it freezing at a wedding, which has happened the last few times. You have mentioned SEVERAL times about the core loading stuff… we get it. I am confident that the program will only get better. The company has a history of being VERY slow with updates. I am hoping this has changed. It has been a month since the last update so I am expecting something any day to make improvements.

This is one of the problems I used to have also! - Search Mode - I am DJ’ing today - will keep posted. One thing I did was let DJPro “Analyze” (I think) my 46,000 songs in iTunes…initially it took several days! I have also used Disk Warrior and iDefrag on my Western Digital 2TB drive. I only use AIFF - and see DJPro only says WAV - still seems to work…

Have not had the freeze problem after defray and analyze… but I agree - the old DJ seemed to not have this issue.

OK - In DJ-Pro under Library menu is an “Analyze” - I think it builds your Metadata library and can take 2-3 days if your iTunes library is large. It helped a lot for me.

HOWEVER - Today - I set up two systems like you stated - and really pushed the DJ-Pro in searches while changing songs, playlists, and Automix - I was able to get it to freeze (spinning ball) and go into non-responsive… I quickly started a song in the backup unit - rebooted DJ-Pro #1 and back up.

I think they are using the same “core” for all functions - they need to design the search like DJ (old version) and use a separate processing core and RAM for search - totally isolated from the Active processes…parallel processing w independent core and RAM.

Today - After this I would use iTunes open on a separate screen (Macbook Pro) to do my searches, and drag n drop onto DJ-Pro “que” window… Searching in iTunes while DJ-Pro was playing - I had ZERO problems from then on.

BUT DJ-Pro needs to fix this DJ-Pro search lockup issue - I am a Techy, it is an algorithm threading issue on how they partitioned the functions - too many using same Token Ring… Make them isolated and seperate!

DJ Magic - if you could get this message to the Software developer I would appreciate that. I suggest only searching in iTunes until this is fixed. I had no issues in 6 hours bypassing DJ-Pro for search functions - yes this is not great as the whole purpose is one window - one DJ app… not there yet…

If I said in iTunes I meant DJPro - and I did not know I needed to Analyze my tracks - In DJ(original) it was automatic). It took 3 days 24/7 running analyze on my WD 2TB USB drive… This helped. But their issue is they still are split focused and want their app to have two audiences - the low budget single core - iPhone like devices - and the Pro as the after thought.

I suspect they used the same Algorithmic Functional Allocation from the first DJ Pro for iPad devices which have single cores. A Pro will throw too much at it and it “token ring” crashes.

They need to really make the Mac version for multi-core and dedicated RAM functioning - this would be a semi major re-write but not too bad as they will lose customers soon. I have already purchased other apps in case this does not get resolved.

Agree - I am just saying the freezes during search is because the Architecture of the DJP software is using single core for ALL functions… so it is compatible w single IOS devices… I suspect they just ported over this code “search” module from the IOS versions. They need to break it out for Pro’s who have Laptops w multi-Core like INTEL i5 or i7 chips.

We would be very happy if they did this and so would they!

I agree - the market is huge for an Apple DJ Software program that is “Apple” friendly (just works)… This started out GREAT - and has gotten much worse.

I also notice using ANY controller (I now use Mixtrack Pro II) causes more freezes… my workaround is to set up a playlist (que) and use my mac for all controls (I am not advanced DJ) - use iTunes to search.

But my friends like DJMagic and DJ Chris beat match and push the envelope and currently DJPro is not cutting it…I am certain you are single core loading all tasks from porting over your iOS algorithms. Pro’s need a RE-WRITE ground up to optimize cores, RAM and be able to multi-task… Sad , very sad…