Any Mac NM features coming to iOS?

Just a quick query but as the NM capabilities and features on the Mac version are far more powerful than the iOS version (currently), are there any plans to bring any of these to the iOS version or should I just bite the bullet and buy a Mac?

As the 12.9" iPad Pro is only a gnat’s todger smaller than the 13" Macbook all the GUI would fit on the screen so it can’t just be a screen size issue - well, apart from the smaller iPads and even then it would still fit but some buttons would be small!

It would be great if there were plans afoot to bring all the great NM features that the Mac can do to the iPad!!

Maybe just me, but…



I am also interested in some news about this. Please Algoriddim bring the new Mac features to iOS :pray:

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Hi I use the ios version too. So I’d be interested in this also. I’d rather not have to buy a Mac book also. I find the pad more versatile. Surely the processors are fast enough.

NM = Neural Mix?
Didn’t this come to IOS before the Mac?


It did but the way it’s now implemented in the new Mac version and the things the Mac can do with NM that iOS cannot now mean that iOS is sadly lagging way behind.

Got it, I have them both but haven’t really used the Mac. I’ll check it out. Thanks

Hi All,

Thanks for your interest in Neural Mix and for your support of bringing all the available features to both Mac and iOS. While I’m not allowed to talk about future plans, it is our general goal to bring parity to djay across platforms.

We appreciate hearing your feedback about this, so thanks for bringing it up. Our team is listening and we want to know what’s important to you, so thanks for using the Forums to push topics/features that interest you most.

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