Any plans to provide Pioneer DDJ-SB3 support for DJAY PRO?

Pioneer just released the DDJ-SB3. Are there any plans to provide support and mapping for this controller for DJAY PRO on all operating systems?

If anyone has the SB3, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes to the controller. Not the scratch feature. More like the physical layout, etc. The lack of previewing your headphones mix is a definite downer.

The other thing that seems real bothersome is the lack of 1/4 headphone jack and the new placement in the front, rather than the side. The case I have wouldn’t allow much wiggle room for the jack in the front.

I use a compact mixer for microphones, so thats not really an issue for me.

I like the idea of dedicated play/pause buttons, and expanding the full bank of trigger pads. Although, given the form factor, the buttons have gotten lots smaller.

Trying to decide if there SB3 is worth the upgrade, but I’m just not seeing it.


would like to have that info also, aiming to buy one if the support is in the making

Is the SB3 update also coming to DJAY PRO for windows???

just got mine - waiting for the mapping. pretty please, algoriddim? thank you thank you! cherries on top? hugs and kisses? skittles and twizzlers?

same here… would the sb2 mapping help for the sb3? I am trzing to map it manually but there is no sound…

according to this question:…

support to the SB3 is going to be available on the next update of the app

the metal cue/ play button make beat matching so much easier

Also curious, any update on mapping becoming available for the DDJ-SB3 or the DDJ-RB for that matter?