App not playing music through Tidal

I keep getting a “tidal subscription required” message when trying to play music through tidal in djay. I have a current tidal subscription. Why is this happening?

Hi @Jamald_Nicholas,

Thanks for posting this question in our Community.

Could you please try two things:

1.- Could you please check which subscription quality you have selected for your TIDAL subscription? There are several options available. Then, please check what quality setting you have selected in djay. To do this (on Mac), open djay, press CMD+"," and go to Library. There you will find the option to adjust your streaming quality.

2.- Could you please try logging out of TIDAL in djay by clicking on “Library” in the top menu bar, select “Log out of TIDAL”, and then log in to your TIDAL account again in djay by accessing the TIDAL library?

Please let me know if the issue persists. Hope I could help.

Cheers, G

Sorry… I should have specified… The issue is on my iPhone…

Hi @Jamald_Nicholas,

On iOS it should be basically the same, just open the djay for iOS settings and go to Library. Please follow both instructions above and let me know if the issue persists.

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

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