IT’S COMING IN IOS 11!. the ability to use 3rd party integration.

Today at WWDC Apple announced that Apple Music now has 27 million paid subscribers compared to Spotify’s 50 million. This shows its pre-installation plus free trial strategy is helping Apple Music catch up to Spotify with its free ad-supported tier.

Developers will now be able to use the new MusicKit API to use your Apple Music subscription to play full songs in their apps. Developers can access your Cloud Library, pull your For You recommendations for music personalization, surface Featured music and charts to bubble up what’s most popular and search through playlists, stations and categories.

Looks like we have the answer here :…

What are the limitations of the current Apple Music API?

o This is iOS only, no tvOS or desktop support.
o There is no support currently for DJ style apps.
o Apps cannot delete playlists.
o The Apple Music API is not intended to replace licensed music, per Apple terms and conditions.

At least they seem to know that there is a need as they say “currently”.