Are there any incompatibilities with Djay and OS X 10.11 El Capitan?

Also I am still rocking Vestax Spin as my laptop controller. It is, of course, not connecting since DJAY is not responding.

I’m having issues with the audio gets staticky once in a while, which seems to be correlated with CPU usage going above a certain threshold. I’ve turned almost everything off, and it’s still happening.

Before upgrading, this used to not happen.

Christina, what specific issues are you having? I believe I resolved one of my issues by simply logging off of Spotify. Are you by any chance logged into Spotify within djay Pro?

I’ve had that problem with Yosemite while staying logged into djay Pro. It happened 6 times (6 times!!) at BTS in 2 days. It used to happen on occasion, but it seems like the djay Pro’s newest update (from August) made it worse. If I DJ for < 3 hours or so, it seems to be okay.

I think the problem is related to a high CPU usage still. For unknown reason(s) to me, the idle CPU of djay Pro is really high at around 20-30%. djay on the other hand idles (still decently high for an app that should be doing nothing) at around 8% or so.

*and* my computer spec is really good/new, as mentioned here:…

In general, it’s probably due to djay Pro (and djay to some extent) being a resource hog. :frowning:

My spec is listed here:…

What does your djay Pro idle at when you’re doing nothing?

I’ve disconnected my sound card, and put my computer in the same usual state (no wi-fi, bluetooth, etc.), and it’s idling at 25%. I wonder if there’s an easy way to find out what it’s actually doing.

I’ve updated my other post with the info, but in short, the issue goes away if I use Apple’s soundcard as my main output, and the USB soundcard as my prequeing. Well, the prequeing then will have audio issues, but that’s okay compared to my main output having audio issues. At the best, I’d call this a workaround.

I started to use VirtualDJ. It’s free and it’s great :slight_smile:

I’m having similar issue with djay pro and mix deck quad , i can’t seem to get the dam due audio settings right , I’ve been asking for help everywhere and nobody seems to respond to me

i need help , i am having an issue getting the audio from my cueing right using mixdeck quad from numark , i called them and they have no answer for me, it doesn’t give me a normal audio cue sound on my headphones , i have to split them one side has one channel the other has channel 2 on headphones and its annoying

Hey Koichi, I have the same problem, so does my fellow Sac WCS DJ. It’s been going on for awhile for us, even without upgrading to El Capitan. Unfortunately, their tech support ran out of ideas of how to correct it or fix it. - Christina Parker

I’m not logged into Spotify. Basically the BPM drops (slows dramatically) for 3 or so seconds, and then speeds back up. Sounds like I grabbed the table and held and then let go. The tech folks couldn’t duplicate it and just said it’s my Mac Performance, but I’ve found others with the same problem with much newer computers than mine.

Thanks for the info Koichi! That CPU usage doesn’t make any sense, and it’s rather embarrassing when it happens (6 times?! Bummer!)
I upgraded to that latest version of djay pro hoping that it would have a fix but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I’ll hold off on El Capitan until it seems like there’s a solution.
I’ve gotten into the habit of closing pretty much every other app (except iTunes) when I DJ, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. As a note, I did have this problem in regular djay as well (started several years after I’d been using it without problems). That was when I upgraded to Pro on Algoriddim’s suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the problem.
I’m going to check with my Apple resource on the off chance he has any ideas from the Mac side (even though it seems clear that it’s from the app side). I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

Unfortunately, if they don’t fix it somehow, I’ll eventually have no choice but to abandon this software and look for something else.

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Hey Koichi, have you had any joy with the issue? I’ve had similar experiences/issues over the last 12 months. Older MBP '11, running 10.10.1 and Djay Pro. Have had audio quality issue, skipping and hi CPU loading. It’s def a bummer as Djay2 ran well and I do like the software. Could be time to look elsewhere.

Update looks promising so far. Loaded and testing at tonights gig.

Almost went to VDJ and the released dropped here so I’m hanging in!

Same problem with DJAY + Hercules MK4