Are you finally going to update the remote app now Pro is out ?

The remote app seems to have pulled along side this Pro announcement, which is prob good as it was very poorly supported, which is kinda funny since it’s the only reason we ever used DJay for Mac.

Are you now going to finally give it some love now? It was still stuck on an iPhone 4 screen size, which was now 3 generations old. If this gets updated I’d be happy enough to get Pro too, but otherwise I see no point I this program tbh, I lost faith in the Mac version a long time ago, it simply does not stand up to the competition, and the controller support was abysmal. You still didn’t even have native support for the DDJ-SX, arguably one of the most popular controllers ever last time I checked.

This was not the way to people to take you seriously.
Remote app had languished for years and crashed constantly with large librarys, very disappointing stuff, it’s not easy to get respect back once lost.