Assign start/stop automix to button on Numark DJ2GO

Hi, is it possible to assign the start/stop automix to a button on a Numark DJ2GO?


Yes, this is possible. Open the configuration window, push the desired button and
select “General” -> “Automix on-off”.


Because you have not updated the djay app to be compatible with the Numark DJ2go?? Application I love you and I paid for it, I also have a new ipad and do not want to jailbreak!!! Do not think just oblige me buying a controller identical to what I already have!!

I also need to connect my Numark DJ2Go to DJay (I have an iPad 1). It is a DJ2Go, not an iDJ2Go. I prefer to keep this iPad, and I don’t like the jailbreaking either. I also don’t want to buy a different controller.