assigning samples (custom or built-in) to buttons SUPER BUGGY!!

Trying in vain to edit or create my own sample set for the buttons.  It just don’t work! I have followed all the instructions and the UI just doesn’t behave.  When I click the ellipses on the fx button (while in edit mode) I get my pop-up list of samples to choose from, I select one I would like to assign to the button, and *if* it assigns (only works 50% of the time) it always assigns to the first button on that half of the screen (depending on which set I’m working on).  VERY VERY frustrating.  I have even tried manually editing the “preset 1.plist” file to edit the xml and sometimes it picks it up and sometimes it doesn’t.  When it does it pick  up, it works for a while and then stops! OMG - how completely buggy… how are we supposed to load custom samples and assign them to buttons?  How is this a “pro” version without that common DJ need…

Macbook Pro 15 2017 - 3.1ghz, quad-core, 16gb ram, 2TB SSD.
Mac OS Catalina (up-to-date with updates)
DJ Pro 2.1

so, latest update (yesterday?) seems to have fixed the problems!  Thanks guys! Appreciate the quick fix.