Audio delay via HDMI with pre cuing


I have desperately been trying to dj with this app using my Yamaha sr300 (via HDMI and Apple Digital Av adaptor) as my output and my headphones for pre cuing.

I have followed the instruction here:… and I can get the pre cuing via headphones to work.

My problem is that there is a slight lag in what is coming through my headphones and what is being output via HDMI and my SR300 system. This makes beat matching and therefore djing impossible.

I have adjusted the Audio delay settings on the SR300 but is just makes the problem worse.

Can anyone help as I reeeeally want to use his set up to get me back into djing again!


Could add a configurable audio delay at the headphone side? This would make beatmatching possible

Hi Matthew,

You’re actually already spot on. The problem is that most AV receivers add a delay to the audio to keep it in sync with the video coming through the HDMI.
Please try disabling the delay or setting it to the lowest value possible.

Generally speaking though, some small latency is expected when using HDMI since the digital “sound” still needs to be decoded before you can actually hear it, while the main sound on the iPad has already been “processed”.

How has this not been dealt with already, WOW!

Is this possible solution something that could be added to a future update of the app?