Audio Routing confused after update

Hi there,
today i try the Version 1.3.1.
I do not change my hardware or other things on the iMac .
Everything seems ok.
But then :
Fader for Player 1 down , Fader for Player 2 up = no sound output, level meter dark
Opening Fader Player 1 without pressing Play = sound from Player 2 appears.

That means : I MUST open Fader 1 to hear Player 2 in combination with Fader 2.

I use a VMS4 since 1 year know with the same audio-setting : Output on VMS channel 1+ 2 , no headphone, no mic.

Has someone an IDEA ?
iMac early 2009,El Capitan 10.11.4 with American Audio VMS4


Ok - missed = It is Djay Pro on Mac !

If I use the Fader in the GUI everything works fine.

If I create a small mapping with only 4 Fader (Deck 1 to 4)
CC04 Mixer LineVolume Deck 1
CC09 Mixer LineVolume Deck 2
CC14 Mixer LineVolume Deck 3
CC19 Mixer LineVolume Deck 4

CC04 is then the “Master” for all other Decks.

means for e.g CC14 set to 127 (100% Volume Deck 3)
CC04 set to 0 = NO Sound from Deck 3!
CC04 set to 80(or other) = Sound from Deck 3 and Volume Control with CC14 possible

Hope you will fix this very fast!
b.t.w. with Traktor and MIXXX each Fader works correct