Auto maintain or allow app to remind itself of the last settings even after a restart.

I just purchased the djay for iphone and came accross the ff things I’d wanna make but seems not possible. I guess you might give me a work around. I am NOT a DJ, I use it on private grounds.

I have different playlists in my music library on the iphone. When I want to mix music I want to be able to load a folder of needed playlist also without necesarily selecting all music one by one. In the programme there is only the possibility of single songs selection, any workaround?

Also, how do selected files stay in the djay playlist so I don’t have to reselect songs each time I want to play same music until I decide to change them myself, app should autosave last setting?

on the other side, the equalizers!!!
there is a lever showing the equalizers could be maintained as I programmed them. Is it until I close the app or it stays as i’ve arranged them until I decide to change them again? Is there no possibility to keep them as I programme them until I change them and not untill when the prigramme is switched off. Better said, the app should remind itself of the last setting even after I completely shut it down and restart it!

Thanks for your feedback.

This is what I received from the DJay support:

"You can use the Automix Queue. To load all songs within a certain playlist or album, simply tap on “Add All Songs” on the top of the list.
The Automix Queue is not designed to maintain the songs after playing. If you want a “permanent” playlist, please create one in the “Music” app. djay will automatically update its library with the new playlist.

At the moment, all controls are reset when you quit the app. Please feel free to also post this as an idea in our forum so other users can give their feedback: "

full agree. mostly with EQ not to reset