Automix advice needed

Hi there, I’ve just downloaded the full version of DJAY, great app by the way !. I have a question about auto mix. I have tried creating a set based on its “match” criteria so the tracks I want auto mixed are roughly the same tempo. However, when I start the auto mix they don’t seem to be syncing unless the track starts on the first beat of the bar. If there is an ambient into or something similar it won’t sync with what’s already playing. Am I missing something or do I have to manually drop the track in at the right point ? cheers in advance, Spike

Hi Spike,

thank you four your feedback. Can you tell us which djay version and device you are using?

Lukas E.

hi Lukas

thanks for getting back to me.

Galaxy S4, Android – Android 5.0.1 - DJAY Free, full version (paid £2.99) – version 2.2.4

hope thats enough info

thanks in advance