Automix. Insert next track nudging the currently cued track down into the top of the Queue pane

Hi there, I hope someone can help. When I’m not DJing I use the DJAY automix feature on my MacBook between rounds of questions at my Trivia nights. However here is where it seem’s to be flawed (unless I’m missing something). Scenario: I have Automix enabled using the Queue pane as a playlist. I have U2 playing on the left deck with Elvis cued dormant on the right deck ready to come on next. I also have REM sitting in the Queue pane waiting to replace U2 on the left deck when Elvis automatically kicks in. What I now want to be able to do is impulsively decide I want to change my mind and play Calvin Harris next (before Elvis). However the only thing I appear to be able to do is replace Elvis with Calvin Harris rather than insert Calvin in front of Elvis. Therefore after Calvin Harris finishes playing it will mix into REM and Elvis is lost from the playlist with the only way to get him back being to search for him again in the library. I’m sure there must be a simple way around this, but I can’t figure it out. Many Thanks

I would be interested in how to do this also. I would like to drop a new track (maybe from the queue) onto the dormant deck and - by the fact the track being replaced hasn’t played yet - cause this unused track back to the top of the queue.

This would be ideal for those “Can you play XYZ track next please…?” when you already have stuff queued and loaded.

Hi guys,

thank you very much for your detailed problem.
I think this work around will help you with this request.
You can do this by changing the position of a song in the Auto Mix Queue. If you want to select a whole playlist for the Auto Mix, please…

go to the Playlist

click on the little Arrow right to the right of the amount of Songs in the Playlist

select “Add all to Queue”

in this way you got a whole playlist in the Queue and you are able to change the position of any song, if you are more up to REM for example simply by drag and drop.

I hope this helps things, if not please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

Lukas E.