Automix on cue points

Hi is it possible with djay pro on osx to use automix to action que points?

i am trying to make a “perfect” mix tape and would rather spend the effort in lining it all up prior. Essentially then i would queue all the tracks in order and then press play and record and by the end of it have a finished mix tape.


Hi David,

What exactly do you mean by “to action que points”?

For your “perfect” mix, I suggest setting up the first (white) Cue Point for the beginning of each track.
Make sure “Auto-Sync BPM” is enabled.

Give it a try!

Hi Adrian,
Sorry to be clearer what i was suggesting is being able to set particular points of where you want your fader to be at particular time

For example, have the fade from track A to Track B increase over 10 seconds until its 50/50. At a point that Track B is marked, drop the fade instantly from Track A.

I appreciate that you are able to time the fading from track A to Track B in a smooth motion however this is not always desired. On occasions you may not want to smoothly drop a track to another.