Automix plays incorrect title of the queue after a stopp of Automix

There is a strange phenomen:
When I put some tracks (for e.g. 9) in a queue and use automix everything is playing well. Then I stopp the Automix (just for an announcement/a break) after the last track (track 9).
For going forward I load the next tracks (for e.g. 4 tracks) in the queue and start automix again with no. 10. The first track (no. 10) is played correctly but then automix put no.1 from the beginning of the queue automatically into the deck again instead of taking the next track (no. 11) of the queue. When I correct this with putting track no. 11 in the other deck the following tracks are played in the correct order of the queue.
The same is happened after the automix stopp when I put the two next tracks no. 10 and no. 11 into the decks. Instead of no.12 automix there is loading the first track of the whole queue.
It’s very confusing but every time the same?!??!?