Autoplay playlist selected but always goes to tracks in the queue?

Autoplay problem…

When I have tracks in the queue and I choose to autoplay a playlist, it will play a song in the playlist and the go to the queue and start playing songs from there.

Should autoplay only play songs in the playlist I have selected? If so, why does it always just to the songs in the queue?

Need a video?

During autoplay of a playlist, I like to work on getting my songs ready by putting them in the Queue. This is impossible the way the program works now.

Either have the songs play from the playlist or the queue during autoplay. Not both.

No need… I am fine with the way it works now. Just needed to understand it a bit better.

Yes, this behavior is expected. The Queue will always be played in between. Hopefully you can get along with this, for now. I’ll put this on the ideas list.