Autoplay "trigger before end"

I am using djay pro for a while now on iPad and MacBook. I also use it while at work. I am a bartender who is also in charge of music at the bar. Because of this combination I am a big fan of your AutoPlay module. It is always running in case I am just too busy to make a nice transition.

My only annoyance is the “trigger before end” function. It is only possible to set this at 5 or 0 seconds. In my opinion, 5 seconds before end is just a little too soon to get the best result and 0 seconds is too late.

Why is there only a choice between 5 and 0 seconds? And not more option? I would love to see more options like in the “transition duration” menu.

Anyone else who shares this opinion?

Traktor handles this feature really nicely. It might be a feature Algoriddim could “borrow” from them.

Traktor has two special types of cue point called “Fade In” and “Fade Out”. You can set them anywhere in your track, like an ordinary cue point. You can only have one Fade In marker and one Fade Out marker per track.

When you’re DJing normally, they act like any other cue point. They’re useful for marking tracks with really long intros and outros, so you remember to skip them or mix into the next track. As an extra bonus, Traktor’s “track is running out” flashing warning starts 30 seconds before the Fade Out cue point, instead of 30 seconds before the end of the track.

But when you have Automix enabled (or “Cruise Mode”, as they call it), Traktor starts playing your tracks from the Fade In marker, and mixes into the next track when it reaches the Fade Out marker.

This is not true. I have the auto mix function set to 1 min prior to the end of the track. Don’t know if you’ve checked fully in the option menu, but it allows me to stretch transition time to 30 seconds and start transition anywhere from the end of track to 1 min prior to the end of the track.

I want my automix function to be set somewhere between 0 and 5 seconds prior to the end of the song. I’ve checked fully and it is not possible. See this screenshot.
5 seconds is just a little to soon, and 0 is to late.