Battery died and didn't save recording, what's the fix?

Worth noting that I’m using an iPhone 7.
I managed to find the file in the app section of iTunes and save to my pc. The properties show there is 196MB of data within the file and it’s an mpeg-4 but I cannot load in any player nor drag into iTunes song list.

I downloaded VLC player And tried to save/convert and that hasn’t worked although I’ve tried to save various format combinations (to no avail). I’ve also download. A few different software fixes but the majority do now recognise the file in the document list so I haven’t been able to use a number of repair tools.

This mix is really precious to me so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Louisa

Google - Switch Sound File Converter. I have used this before to convert the recorded set file DJay provides. I have then converted the file to MP3 and WAV files (for the people that want them in those formats).

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Have you had the same issue with your battery dying and then the file not saving properly? If so, should I convert the broken file first? And what should I do afterwards?

I tried it and it didn’t work :frowning: I think I need to repair the file before I can convert

I can now confirm I have resolved this issue and the file is now working so this thread is now closed