Beat alignment - bpm drifting?

6 months ago I had this issue & warren at the time requested some examples f this problem so I did & heard nothing back…

Issue is some songs have the drop beat in the wrong place, 70% of time via the editor this is resolved. Sometimes though you just can’t align the yellow line with the drop beat.

Problem 2. Many songs begin with their beats in sync. There maybe a section of the track with no beats. When the beats come back in, the drop beat no longer is aligned to the original bpm & against the yellow line.

Very very frustrating.


Think algoriddim need to get this sorted & stop burying their heads in the sand.

Heads still in the sand…

the only work around is manual bpm matching - which is difficult when the track bpm drifts on the wave form but not through live audio - its a problem algoriddim have known about for ages but have failed to rectify. i wish i had kept my technics 1210 -
they need to keep a steady beat count through the whole song -

I think I have the same issue.
Some songs start to slow and some are started with a bmp way to fast.
Is this the problem you discuss here?