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Whilst the beat analysis is mostly great in djay Pro (One of the reasons I switched to using it for automixing VS Virtual DJ) I’ve noticed it is sometimes ‘off’ with where the grid starts + where the first beat is:

Here’s examples where the BPM is detected correctly and the grid is correct - but the first beat is on the second beat:

And then here’s examples where again, the BPM is detected correctly and grid is correct BUT the first beat is on the second bar in the grid:

I think technically / systematically your developers should be able to tweak the analysis to improve this quite easily :slight_smile: (If there’s no audio in the first bar then shift it forwards and if the first beat has 1 beat before it then shift it back)

I definitely don’t want to teach your developers how to suck eggs but the following may be a nice read for them: From raw audio to a seamless mix: creating an automated DJ system for Drum and Bass | EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing | Full Text

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Hey @eddr,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this.

I’d like to point out that you can actually edit the down-beat in the beatgrid by clicking on the pencil icon on the waveform’s corner.

While I’m not allowed to talk about future plans, I’ll pass your feedback along to our developers. Our team has actually been looking into this, so your insights are very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

Let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

Cheers, G

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Thanks for your reply and for the info - glad to know this may already be being looked at!

And yep I’m aware the grid can be edited - but its a big task going through thousands of tunes and doing this :wink:



It was much better on DJAY 2, just revert back to that.

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Agree 100%, although I do like the feature of being able to fine tune the beat grid with Djay…

Has it really changed that much? I didn’t use the previous version but know it doesn’t have the same automix functions.

Going back a major version is a bit drastic :grimacing:

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I believe @maurizio_T and @E_Flem are referring to this discussion here, @eddr:

Or are you guys referring to something else?

Yes that is what I was referring to, but I’m not experiencing any drifting…

The main thing that I find is at least 95% of the tracks that are analysed by Djay, I need to edit/amend but I’m used to it so it’s not a big issue for me…I didn’t need to do that much editing with Djay 2…

Again I’m not really fussed about it but there was a difference between the two apps…

In DJAY 2, the synchs were more tighter and it was good with R&B/Hip Hop tracks.


Definitely tighter, add 80’s Funk with live drummers tracks that list…


Hey @Guillermo

I just thought I’d check in here and see if there’s any developments? I’m eagerly awaiting any improvements here :slight_smile:

You’ve said you can’t talk about future plans etc but is there any chance this is going to be improved upon sooner rather than later?

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@eddr, I can’t share any more info on this. However, I’d like you to have a positive outlook on this:)

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Ok - understood :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting…

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