Beat Grid, bar 1 vs bar 2

With the Beat Grid, is there a difference between the beat 1 of the first bar, and beat 1 of the second? They look like they might be slightly different colors, but I’m color blind so can’t tell for sure.

The reason I ask is that when I use the sync function, quite often the song will jump a full bar ahead when it seams like it doesn’t need to. Most songs tend to have pairs of bars - like counting in 8 rather than 4 - so when you get them out of ‘phase’ like that it’s annoying.

My business partner and I think we know why this “jump ahead a whole measure” when clicking SYNC to start is happening:

On songs where the first Beat is cropped ever so slightly short it jumps one full measure ahead.

if every Beat is say 479, 479, 479, etc but the distance from Beat 1 to Beat 2 in the first measure is 476 instead - even with the green down beat set… clicking SYNC to start playing in SYNC makes the song jump ahead one full measure.

The only way to know which ones will do this is to tear EVERY SINGLE SONG before playing it live.

  1. Click SYNC one to sync BPM
  2. Click SYNC again to start the song (fader off!!)
  3. Only then will you know if THIS song has a full sized clean downbeat

The only way to fix this is to:

  1. “add” blank space to the front of the affected song,
  2. copy and paste a new “Beat 1” and replace it.
  3. Then try to load the new version and try the above SYNC SUNC process again

Don’t forget to copy and paste your cue point exit (crossfade) as changing the name or dropping a new version of the song with a new title means needing a new cue point exit too!! Just enter the cue point time on a piece of paper first or leave the old file in until you add it to the new file

There’s just one problem with this correction technique/ there’s not always a clean downbeat available especially if it’s got a cymbal crash on the first Beat, etc you may have to get creative.