Beat Grid Question in Djay2 ipad

Re: Djay 2, Is there a way to manually edit completely the beat grid of a real hard to beat match song, where the tempo keeps shifting around? As I see it now, you can only set one beat point. Would be great to re-map a song with multiple tempos.

What if it’s a live deck that needs adjusting as I’ve experienced? You can’t pause a live track so ideally need a way of manually adjusting on the fly.

You can currently only set the down beat (i.e. the first beat in a bar) by tapping the edit (pencil) icon in waveform mode, or use half/double BPM by tapping the BPM label to adjust the beat grid.

If you have any tracks that are analyzed incorrectly, please feel free to send them to support at so we can take a look.

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing a new feature to manually set the grid at another position. The track will then get re-analyzed with the help of the newly set downbeat.

Usage (in waveforms mode):

  1. Pause the song
  2. Move the play cursor to the desired position
  3. Tap the pen icon and select “Set Grid”

We’d appreciate your feedback on this feature and the update in general.

Asked a very similar question…

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in the question refered before (…) there is a song mentioned: Glad to Know You by Chas Jankel…

Thanks for your quick reply and help Jorge.

Im in complete agreement with u. I do have a splitter for small private sessions. However, I do treat this as my daily phone gaming app cuz i dont game on phones with just a headphone while sitting at coffee shops waiting for clients or jz passing time without disturbing the public, as a Malaysian paying USD 2.99 for this so called most user friendly iOS DJ app isnt affordable for avg Malaysian wages, therefore the beatgriding bug it is indeed an issue, jz to be fair.

Can I challenge u a race car game, lets jz say Gran Turismo vs real race track car racing with the same vehicle?

The beat grid function is incredably useless… Why not just make one that works? I just wasted 5 dollars on an app that was designed with no regard for functionality. The songs that it’s having trouble with are normal songs! Another scam, thanks glad I didn’t pay full price for someone’s beta release. Maybe use your brains next time and realize DJs need specific things I order to complete their tasks. It’s a sensitive job and there is no reason why the ipad can’t be a perfectly functioning platform for it. The lack of vision for app design is indeed disturbing

Maybe some of us are using the software beyond traditional mixing so to keep giving us traditional DJ advice is uninformed and redundant, the software should just work as advertised so people can actually use it how ever they want. I do know how to beat mix on any type of gear you put in front of me and that has nothing to do with why I want fully functioning software

Unfortunately I have the same experience.
For a LOT of tracks the analyzing job resulted on a wrong down beat and some tracks are going off the grid as the track proceeds… (tracks with a long break).
Can you please let us know when we can expect an improved version of Djay 2?

lol you guys need to learn how to beatmatch

Learning the tracks and beatmatching is all you should need. Never rely on software telling you were you are in a track…