Beat Lock on djay pro for iPad

Hi, when using djay pro on my iPad once I’ve synced the beat and got the track on time I then bring the track in but after a period of time the two tracks drift apart. Can the beats be locked like they are on djay 2?

Hi Joe Overthrow,

for clarification, you sync two songs and they stop being aligned after a while?

Thank you,

Lukas E.

Thank you for the reply.

Could you tell us which two tracks you try to sync and send them to us via

Lukas E.

Hi SimonH,

the drifting you are referring to is a feature by the software to adjust the synchronisation live, if there are minor speed changes in one of the tracks.

Lukas E.

Yes that’s correct

Hi, email sent with the names of two tracks but as I’ve stated in my email this issue isn’t isolated to these two tracks. Thanks

I am having the same problem. Initially it started with a recent remix of Rise Up by Yves LaRock, but quickly began occurring all the time. The mix is bang-on, then after anywhere between 10 seconds and 50 seconds starts drifting. The visual drift is minimal, but the later in the track the drift starts, the more serious the mis-match is, with dreadful consequences. This has messed up a series of gigs for me.
When is there going to be a patch/fix or update?

Please can we get a response to this thread and the others over the past 3 years.
This fault is unacceptable, as is the length of time taken to fix it!

Hi Lukas,
Thank you for the answer, but I’m afraid I don’t accept this. Until about March of this year, this didn’t happen, and I could have absolute confidence that if I used the sync function, I had a locked mix. Now, I have no idea if the lock is going to last, or if I am going to look like a turkey at any second.
Please can you either provide a patch/update, or indicate when the new version of the software will be released so that we can have some confidence that Algoriddim are fixing a fatal flaw in their software?
Thank you