Beatpad 1 / Beatpad 2 better? (Not Djay related).

This is no question for Algo employee, but just a tought for beatpad users.
I am a beatpad user. I have a VDJ licence for it and off course use it with Djay.
I was compairing te new Beatpad 2 against it, but i don’t think the 2nd is better.
I use to have a bigger pioneer controller and i did not use the slicer function during gig’s. This is added to the Beatpad 2.
The big things i mis on the Beatpad 2 are a dedicatet eq-MID button and the rotary effect knobs. I think its stil a 3 band EQ, but you have to hold SHIFT for de MID’s. So this makes it a 2 band EQ. I also make a lot use of the loop rotary knob, and that is also missing on the 2nd edition.
I am verry sure about it that i will not update to the beatpad 2.
In my opinion, the Beatpad 2 is less professional. Anyone got an opinion on this?

I’ve just got the beatpad 2 and I’m thinking about returning it because the beatpad 1 seems to have a better layout for my needs (I don’t use the slicer either).
And also because djay2 is a buggy, I wanted to try mixing with spotify but it seems this software is not yet on par with serato or traktor.

Works fine with laptops. Only as a 2 deck controller.

Software wil be fixed after new version in the upcoming day’s. They have found the problem.
Glad to hear my feelings about the second version were right. To bad they did it like that.

I second that the Beatpad 1 is better… (well I have one and never tried the second to be fair) but Mid EQ FX and Loop knobs are heavily used…

Seems like a good point. Have you tried Beatpad with a laptop? Will it control Djay Pro?