Beatpad 2 looping

I believe Reloop were going to have a chat with you guys at NAMM regarding extending the looping from 8 bars to 32. This can easily be done with a shift key pad combo. Would make the device better. Hope it gets implamented soon.

Still only 8 bars ?



I mostly use my new Beatpad 2 for scratching. It would be great to be able to launch a long beat loop right from the controller. 8 bars is very restrictive. (Honestly, increasing the software cap to 64 would be even better!)

Hello, Reloop? Any response?

What? I can only loop 8 bars with the beatpad 2? What the fudge?

What I don’t understand is that in the reloop forum they say that this feature is the works and that it will be in the next update. Whereas here we have to bump the post to get it noticed!!?

And I was wondering why I couldn’t find the thread anymore! Strange that they mention it in the link you posted as well

Any news on this issue?

That’s great news Lukas!
It’s a lot easier to wait for something if you know that it’s coming :slight_smile:


Hey Lukas, are there any plans to update the beat pad 2 mapping to support the 4 decks of the Djay Pro app? At least the jog wheel, the transport and the 8 pads?


How about long pressing the 1 (for 3) or the two (for 4)? Or shift long press 1 or 2?

Sorry for shooting that out of a canon without intense thought! After contemplating the idea, pressing something for “long” isn’t a good idea. In the heat of the night, you want something to react right away and not after “3” seconds. And what happens if you only pressed for 2!? So no! That sucks!

How about the “shift” and “+/-” buttons? (One hand friendly too)
First you set under settings 4 deck control which activates the shift +/-! Now on either side of the beat pad 2 you can scroll through any combination of deck control! The default is 2/3! But maybe you want 1/2, or 3/4, 1/4 or 1/3! With this method all options are open! So just press “shift +” to go up a deck or “shift -” to go down one!
Now we just need some kind of visual indication on the beat pad 2 showing us which deck is active! Since we activated the 4 deck control under settings, we also shut off the signal indicators on the beat pad 2! Those are the rows of LEDs on the top right and left corners of the beat pad 2 showing us how strong the signal of each deck is! Who uses them anyway! I know I never look at them! Well they now show which deck is being controlled on either side of the beat pad 2! 1 LED for deck 1, 2 (simultaneously lit for better recognition in the dark) LEDs for deck 2, 3 LEDs for deck 3 and 4 for deck 4!

Any thoughts or ideas on this?

In any case, if this could be implemented it would make DJay Pro and the Beat Pad 2 an unbeatable combo!


What about one of those Microsoft monkey grips? Shift/sync/+ or - ?

Any ideas Dysfunk?

Cool! Hopefully it will get recognized as a must have update!

I was thinking of that too. But since it can’t be made to a fully fledged “4 deck controller” I would be happy with cross fader, jog wheel and pad button capabilities! At least until reloop puts a lightning cable port on the mix 8 :slight_smile:

Or, you use a button combination to activate the deck like I suggested and once active, all beat pad 2 functions work for the activated deck! So if you want to pre listen to a deck, you have to activate it! I mean the beat pad 2 isn’t a 4 deck controller so we’ll just have to compromise:)

Hi guys,

the mapping improvement was:

  • Beatpad 1: fixed incorrect sampler LED colors on launch, added shift mappings to stop samples
  • Beatpad 2: fixed pickup (takeover) mode being incorrectly enabled for crossfader, line faders, monitor cue/mix, and deck 1 gain/EQs/filter (pickup mode is now enabled for pitch faders only)

Nevertheless i had a chat with our development section because of the loop range. It would be great if you could continue upvoting this thread in order to push the issue.

Do you guys have a suggestion on how to implement the 16 bar loop in the existing mapping?

Lukas E.

Hi Andi Copesetic,

could you send us the link to the reloop forum thread?
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.