Beginner + DJ interested in a controller

Hello all. I’ve been doing some amateur DJing for a friend’s business for a couple of years, and improving bit by bit. All I use is the djay pro program on my Mac laptop, connected to a separate mixer, speakers, etc., etc.

I’m interested in getting a controller that uses djay, one that is neither too simple nor too complicated, and will connect to my laptop. Looking for recommendations on controller brands and models – and retailers in the LA area too.

Also, would I still need a mixer or does the controller put out enough of a signal to run self-powered speakers?

Thanks in advance!

I suggest the

  • Numark Mixtrack Platinum (250 $)

  • Pioneer DDJ RR (650 €)

  • Numark NVII (650 €)

The Mixon 4 is a good Controller but is very bad in connectivity. Look to the back of this controller and compare the Reloop Mixon 4 with Denon MC 7000 what you can connect. Connectivity is the most Important Feature in real live. With the MC 7000 you are prepared to all situations in real live.



Thanks! (And sorry it took so long to say that.)

plus one on the beatpad for startes! I would even recommend the first one (Beatüad 1) since it has more dedicated knobs (mids, fx)…

Yes definitley! I just switched (Mixon 4) because I needed 4 Channels… But i miss my Beatpad (1. Gen.) a little!

Can you elaborate on connectivity a bit? I never found a situation where my Mixon 4 did not suffice… Plus it is compatible with ios (ipad/iphone), android (phone/tablet), PC and Mac haven’t seen that in many controllers. So if your mac crashes you could use any other smartphone tablet as a backup!

The reloop beatpad is a great first controller.

Most controllers (including the beatpad) connect directly to powered speakers.

Hi, looking at the Beatpad 2 as a replacement for my WeGo3, can you recommend it?
thanks Tim