Best automix settings

I’m a novice DJ who has been asked to do my best friends son’s wedding. I was wondering what are the best settings to use on auto mix for beatmatching etc for reception/dance music. I will be using an Ipad2 with IDJ pro and Djay 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for contacting us.

This is really a matter of taste. I for one like for my songs to play in original tempo with a short “standard” transition:

  • Style: Standard
  • Duration: 3s
  • Auto-Sync BPM: OFF
  • Trigger Before End: 5 secs

If you’re songs are all around the same tempo (+/- 8%) of each other, then I do recommend enabling Auto-Sync. Also, don’t forget to turn on “Key Lock” (music note button by the BPM slider).

Just select “Random” for Style. :wink:

Thanks for your reply Warren,

Are there any settings that you would recommend that would be more of a party mode that would utilize beatmatching etc. etc. I also like the original tempo and with the auto-sync mode songs tend to play too slow. Again thanks