Better Buffer Size as the 512Samples

Greetz to the community:

i wondering of the High Latency of 512 SampleBuffer in DJAY2 & asked the support:
how can i set the Buffer in DJAY2 to minimum 256 or better 128?

Unfortunately there is no way to change this size.

i have a Reloop Beatpad and if i use AudioBus it says the Buffer is set in another Programm and this is 512.
this is not optimal…
actuall i set the Buffer minimal to 256, or in the last time with my AIR2 to 128.
With this you can “play” Live without to much latency
I use DJay2 > AudioBus > Samplr
Also parallel playing Thumbjam > AB > Loopy or Samplr
But with Buffer size of 512, I cant play live with it the latency is just to high.
So i want to change this, but i cant…
256 would be oookay, but 128 or finaly 64 the goal…

What did you think?
if you recognize the buffer, could you deal with it?
DJAY2 Standalone works oookay with the 512Samples, but…
what did you think?