bigger, more spaced out buttons, better accuracy when storing cue points, and come on give us CDJ mode

love this app, but there are a few flaws wich, if corrceted would make this totally mind blowing!
1> when i store cue points, i store them a mili second before the first beat of the song, but when i re-call the cue point, its moved slightly, so it misses half of the first beat (no good for mixing)
2> please could you make the pitch + & - buttons a little bigger, and move them away from the pitch slider, as they are too close and fiddly,
3> as above the keylock button is too small & too close to the pitch fader, also could you make the keylock button stay on, its a real pain remembering to select it EVERY time i change song,
4> give us CDJ MODE! this is a digital dj app, most digital djs have never seen an old style turntable (i know there are still many djs using vinyl, so dont lets get into the digital vs vinyl argument)
thanks for listening