Built in visual effect require a loaded file before you can access it?

DJay comes with a selection of visual effects loops that have no audio. DJay also comes with some built in canned effects like Cube, halos etc… If I want to have no audio on deck2 for example but have one of the canned effects I am required to first load a video loop (without audio) then I can override it with the canned effect. Why can’t I just go to the canned effect straitaway since the video loop is not going anywhere.

I suppose this is both a howto tip and a question.

yep, Since there is an easy work around by just loading an audio free clip then over riding it with the visual effect i would not consider this a huge issue. It just seemed odd to me that the VE option would not come until something was loaded even if that something had no audio.

Hi Daniel,

to get this right, you want to have a deck without an track, only the visual effect in order to make a transition from one visual effect to another?

Lukas E.