Camera Roll won't see photo's or video clips on iPad from within Vjay

I can’ sync iTunes or video files to Camera Roll in Vjay on my iPad. Any ideas. ? I imported lots pictures and .mp4 video files into Dropbox and rebooted iPad and still no files in Camera Roll inside Vjay iapp ? What’s up ?

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to hear that.

Can you see it in the Videos or Camera app?

Hi Joseph, please open the iPad/iPhone Settings app, go to Privacy > Photos and make sure that it’s turned on for vjay.

VJAY won’t play videos from iTunes. They start to show video for 1 second, and then some will play sound while others will not. Only the videos that are with vjay play. I’m using ipad 3 with IOS7.

I can’t see at the videos in my camera roll since I updated to osi 8