Can anyone tell me how I can record music and Mic

Can anyone tell me how I can record music while also recording speaking on the external mic plugged into my mixer and record BOTH. I set it all up and selected the mixer and mic settings to recognise Djay and the mic works but when I listened back to the recording it was only the music that recorded ?

I am using djay software latest version as far as I am aware and I plug that into a Newmark M101usb 2 channel mixer.
I use my mic on one of the channels and sync it to djay, I play music and use the mic and can hear both coming out of the speakers but when I play back the recording the mic is not there ?


I’m sorry, I need to ask: Which device / djay are you using?

Hi there,

as Mike Wilson said, at the moment the external controllers Microphone input is going straight through the master and not to djay.

Our apologies.

Lukas E.

It don’t work…