Can morph feature be used to sync two 'live' tracks?

From what I have read or seen in videos, djay Pro’s Automix AI feature can use the ‘morph’ feature to speed up/slow down a track to match a playing track.

Suppose I want to just have the ‘morph’ feature match two tracks _without_ engaging Automix AI?

I play LOTS of “old” music that wasn’t recorded to a click track or stuffed into a beatgrid during production. When you beatgrid those tracks, the grids will be “off”. Engaging sync between two of those tracks gives you a mess. [in general, with other software… I don’t have direct experience with djay or djay Pro - yet]

In my research, there are other products that will allow you to reset the grid (down to each beat if you have to…or so it appears…) and then the software can “sync” between two such tracks.

The problem I have with those other products is I’d have to toss out my controllers and buy different ones, buy all new software, etc. This would be several hundred dollars in expense.

So here is the challenge:

Can I take two old school live track (an old Motown track perhaps), tweak the beatgrids, and then use morph to sync then during the mix?



Hi Dennis,

yes after adjusting the Beatgrids to your Track, the Automix feature will sync them properly.

Thank you for your post.

Cheers,Lukas E.