Can not Download djayPRO for WINDOWS 10 from Windows Store

Hi I am Dede,
Just purchased djayPRO for windows10 through wiindows store. I had I ha djayBETA trial version installed and also had djayPro(Demo)version. I mostly used the BETA version which expired two days ago. I am not able to download it through windows store. The download progress stops or is incredibly slow (less than 1MB in 2 hours) then it stops. My laptop specs are: Qosmio F60-PQF 65A-00Y002 intel core i7 4gb RAM win10 32 bit operating system , x64 based processed. I really liked the App. can anyone help please? Windows store seem to think that my drivers are not up to date. I have contacted toshiba thru’ website support and it is up to date…

Hi, how are You? This is David Seok. On the control panel: go to the search; this is on the middle above the , 2) type in the word: update, 3) click check for updates.

This should help you. If not I will be avaible at 4pm Pacific time to help out.

Thank you David. Had done that a few times over.