can you purchase the old djay version without spottily ? NJ

im a vinyl dj and old school but i need help because were in the 21st century I’ve been told all i want is a simple and basic version and not spotify like the old version.

Nigel, The Djay Pro software could NOT be more simple than it is.

In case you’re looking for djay 4, you can buy it here:

Good news. I doubt you would be able to use Spotify with Djay anyways as it requires a premium membership which requires a $10 a month subscription which I am willing to bet is not something you are signed up for.

Wouldn’t using the current version of Djay and just not using Spotify suffice.

Out of curiosity who told you this?

Lastly how do you plan to use Djay as a turntabilist when it does not even support DVS?

Do you have Spotify premium account out of curiosity?

Thanks for that however when DJ first came out years ago the version was simple this what i need i play off tracks on my mac and i don’t need spotify I’ve downloaded my vinyl collectionim I’m very old school…lol. NJ