Can you Sort MIDI Mappings?

It LOOKs like you can sort in midi mapping mode by “Control” “Target” “Action.”

But alas, I don’t think you can.

That would be really really helpful. Like click “Control” and have it sort your CCs/Notes sequentially. Or similarly by “Target.” “Deck 1s” would all line up in a group nicely. And “Actions” to see if there’s duplicates, or, well, there’s lots of uses.

I posted this as a question, because maybe it does work, and I’m missing something?

What does it mean when you click on one of these titles (“Control” Target, etc.) and it “selects” them in gray? (actually, when clicking "supress auto select, it turns them blue). But what good is that? besides maybe deleting all the rows?

because it doesn’t sort them. But again maybe I’m missing something?

Hi Johnny,

if you click for example Target in the midi mapping window, the column will get sorted.
Greyed out commands means that you are not in commands window anymore and a command turns blue if it was selected via Mouse or by hitting the according Button on your controller.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Johnny,

sorry for the misunderstanding, i see where your problem is and opened an issue in our issue tracking system.

Thank you for your video, it helped me a lot.

Will keep you updated.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Lukas, thanks for the reply.

Alas, I only wish it worked like you said.

I’ve recorded a short screen capture video, trying to do what you suggested:

I’m counting on it