Cannot access Spotify library even though I have premium

Error message: Request failed: bad request (400) pops up when I’m looking for my playlist. Any tips? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

Read the forums for a solution. It’s writen a dozen times.

The advice we get from Algoriddim in this case is this:

go to “”;

log in with your Spotify account

scroll down till “log out everywhere”

re-open your djay app and try it again!

Good luck!

Thank you DJ Boum Boum,

if this suggestion is not working can you please give us more informations when this is happening and what action you perform to eventually cause this.

Thank you guys and cheers,
Lukas E.

Hi Kevin,

did you recently changed something about your Spotify subscription, maybe skipped a month or something like that?

Lukas E.

This happens on my iphone and ipad.

I have the same problem. The only thing I did recently is change my username. Ever since then, its been giving me problems. I do login with facebook with spotify. I’m not sure that is a problem. any help would be great…

I have the same problem with the same error (bad request 400) coming on screen but logging out done nothing. I’ve deleted the apps then reinstalled still won’t work. If I could completely delete the app, then buy it again as if it was the first time, I think it would work as I dint mind paying for it again as I need Spotify tunes to select. Oh, and this all started when djay was revoked on Spotify accidentally.
Someone please help me I’m only just beginning to DJ at nearly 50yo lol

No , Not until a few days ago when I cancelled my subscription which was going to renew on Wednesday I think . Until then I hadnt a missed any payments or skipped a month.

I forgot to say in my last message that I resubscribed for a month just before I tried Last night to see if it would work,

* re-subscribed to my Spotify for a month