Cannot play mixes on Ipod classic?

I’m not too techy so bear with me!!! I have Ipod classic, I tunes and I phone 4.

I teach Zumba Fitness, so have mixed my class playlist together on the Iphone, that’s fine.
I have put the mix onto I tunes, that’s fine too.
I have made a playlist of my mixes on i tunes, that’s fine.
The mixes are syncing onto my ipod but not actually playing on my ipod, they show up for a second then it goes back to the playlist.

I prefer not to use my iphone in class to play my music. We switch and change tracks all the time so Ipod is much more convenient and for me much easier to use.

How can I get the mixes to play on my ipod?


Please try converting the recordings to another format using iTunes.

You need to convert the songs using iTunes, not djay. Please see the following article for instructions:

Please tap the Automix icon and go to “Playlist”. What’s selected here?

thankyou. I’m still getting no joy ;(.

It says open preferences, then general then the section section saying click on Importing settings, but I’m not seeing any second window or this option.

I used the mix from my iphone last night but it played the same song twice from the playlist. I’m not 100 percent on starting the playlist from start to finish on automix. I have the shuffle option off, but it starts with the first song on the whole of my music list, not just the selected playlist.

I will sit this weekend and have a real go of it. Hope I can do it successfully as it’s really the ideal sound I want in my class.