Cannot pre-cue tracks using ddj wego 3

My Pioneer DDJ Wego 3 cannot pre-cue the tracks in turntable 1 or 2. They just play through the headphones but cannot select cue A or B. Help please.

I’m using Mac OS X. Any tips? Thanks.

Thank you so much! The headphone icon is on the Djay interface? Again, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Great work, rokr!! It is truly appreciated!

Which platform are you using? (Mac OS, Android, iOS)
I’m using the Wego3 with djay pro (Mac OS) and djay for Android (Nexus 7).
Pre Cuing works for both of them.

cheers, Ronald

Hey James, after connecting the Wego3 to your Mac while Djay pro is running you have to open the preferences -> devices and assign “Wego” (ch 1-2) for output. See screenshot below (it uses german interface language but i’m sure you get the idea).

You may also want to adjust pre cueing behaviour. Click the headphones icon at the left side of the upper toolbar. I didn’t like the automaticswitching and my headphones was way too low when i started. You can also adjust this and i needed some minutes to figure that out. :slight_smile:

cheers, rokr

The headphone icon is on the djay pro interface.

Hey Craig, just guessing…

  • Choose “internal” like in the screenshot above.
  • Uncheck “Master” (headphone select) at your Wego, but A or B instead

hope that helps, cheers

Hi there,

I’m having the same issue and I can’t work out why - both main output and pre-cueing are set to the WeGo3. I’m on a Mac. Can only hear output and not pre-cued audio

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi Steve,

answered to your reply in other thread.

Lukas E.

I’m having the same problem, but with a ddj-sx2. Sometimes it works, but it most often doesn’t. And then when I try to adjust Cue Settings, it gives me this crap…

Anyone have any ideas?