Can't change to using Bluetooth speakers while using djay version 2.5 and idj pro

When I go in the options menu to change to Bluetooth speakers, or to play the music straight out the iPad speakers,the djay app will shut down completely whilst connected to the idj pro… Very frustrating have had nothing but problems while using this app with the idj pro.

Hi Adam,

Sorry to hear that. Is this problem reproducible? If yes, what are the exact steps?

Hi Adam,

I’ll check this as soon as I get back in our test lab on Monday and get back to you.

I’ve been able to reproduce the problem and I already notified our dev team. Rest assured that we’ll do our best to investigate and fix this issue.

Sorry, I have no ETA to give at this time but we’ll be sure to fix this issue in a timely manner.

Hi Everyone,

We just released an update djay 2.6 for iPad and iPhone containing many improvements including a fix for this problem.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this feature and the update in general.

Yep, same problem here…

It was posted a month ago and a fix was promised in a timely manner…

A month to fix a MAJOR audio problem???

I am having the same issue as well on my iPad 2 with IDJ Pro and the current version of DJay 2 for the iPad.

I turn it all on set it up. Have been using Bluetooth along with the idj pro for about 3 months now. Flick the hardware audio switch, and as so soon as I do so the app completely shuts down. Have tried deleting reinstalling the app nothing works? Was working fine before the update.

This what the people from numark just sent me…hopefully it can help to fix the issue…Hello,

Thanks for posting this. I was able to replicate your symptoms with my iPhone 5S on iOS 7 with the latest version of djay 2.5.1 and my bluetooth speakers. When I switch “Hardware Audio” to off in my app, the djay 2 app crashes. This is NOT a hardware issue. I recommend sending your crash report to them when that happens. The app will prompt you to.

I’ve noticed you posted in Algoriddim’s fourm as well (…). Please update this post as to what Algoriddim’s response is regarding this matter.

Thanks for your help!



Thanks any news on this yet?

Ok are we going to have to wait for an update and how long?

Hello I’m just confirming that this problem is happening to me too. Tried using today at a party for the first time since installing the update and it kept crashing when I tried to switch audio output. Never happened before the update. Thank you for your work in fixing as soon as possible.

Hello, it has been a month since the last post regarding this issue. We are running djay 2 v2.5.2 and this issue is present. Unable to turn “Audio Hardware” off in app on ipad, iOS 7. When toggling to “off” the app exits and when re-opening app the “Audio Hardware” is still set to “on”. PLEASE ADVISE.