Can't play own spotify playlist or see all music when connected to DJ hardware in djay Pro

I was excited to use hardware to mix my spotify and itunes integration in djay Pro when I found something very upsetting: Connecting to hardware instantly changed the spotify browse in djay pro so that I COULD NOT access my own playlists! Also, the music that I wanted to use in djay Pro was unavailable when searching spotify in djay Pro.

Why does this happen? Is there a workaround? What is the point of having spotify integration and claiming to let you DJ with spotify (even if its cloud only due to know spotify offline support) when you can’t even use all the songs?

If this is how it is supposed to happen with Spotify integration, then did I miss the fine print somewhere?

LOL look here :

Note, I just realized it has nothing to do with DJ hardware. It is the spotify integration itself. Somehow in past year the spotify integration changed so you can access your spotify playlist or entirety of spotify music.

I see getting djay Pro for spotify use to be complete useless now.